Participation in the ICCD for Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Boston International College (BIC) participated in the two-day conference and workshop on “Capacity Development for Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship” organized by Hetauda School of Management and Social Sciences in collaboration with King’s College, the Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum, the Association of Industries Makawanpur, and PUM Netherlands. This event aimed to equip major stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to drive innovation and entrepreneurship forward. The conference served as a platform for networking among the regional, national, and international entrepreneurs and stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and was truly enlightening for the participants of BIC.

Program Structure

The program was structured into common sessions, parallel thematic sessions, startup pavilion, and innovation pavilion complemented by cultural performances. The event embarked with a grand opening ceremony whereby renowned entrepreneurs, academicians, government officials, and ecosystem partners created a context for the upcoming session. Afterwards, there were parallel thematic sessions for academicians and working professionals from industry. There were two common sessions in between and cultural performances that highlighted the diverse culture of Nepal. Overall, the event was planned and structured in an amazing way.

Key Learning Outcomes

The event provided a comprehensive learning experience, fostering connections with professionals and industry experts. The sessions focused on understanding incubation approaches, the Nepal Government’s startup policies, and legal considerations, including property rights and copyrights, industry-academia linkage, and the future of employment. Similarly, there was an extensive discussion regarding the advent of artificial intelligence, how it will impact education, work, and entrepreneurship in the days ahead, and how individuals, the private sector, and the government will cope with the imminent changes. The participation by student teams in the Startups Pavilion enhanced their collaboration and market presence and also provided them with the opportunity to sell their products. The event also allowed for a critical assessment of the business incubation programs, incubation pedagogy, and design thinking, contributing to an enriched understanding of the entrepreneurial realm.


Participation in the event was an enlightening experience with an opportunity to enhance learning, gain exposure, and network with the partners of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, the event provided an opportunity for the incubatees of BIC Startups – Brikshya Organics and Weebmart to showcase their ventures in the ‘Startups Pavilion’. The opening ceremony and the dance performances reflecting the cultures of different parts of the country were highly valuable and extraordinary. The thematic sessions provided the participants with a wealth of knowledge, perspectives, and practical insight into the domains of entrepreneurship and innovation. Overall, the program was highly valuable for the participants.

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