Eco-poshak is a baby clothing company which aims to produce organic cotton clothes for babies. It is a venture initiated by a team of four co-founders all of which are business administration undergraduates. With a vision to provide the safest clothes for babies, this team has conducted extensive research on how to start a clothing company for newborn babies. They want to create a brand for baby clothing with superior quality textile and authentic designs. The Co-Founders of Eco-Poshak are Ms. Gita Gautam, Mr. Nischal Dhakal, Mr. Niraj Kandel and Mr. Suraj Upadhyaya.

Flyer of Eco-Poshak Team during the DEMO Day
Testimonial by Mr. Nischal Dhakal from Eco-Poshak Team
Testimonial by Mr. Niraj Kandel from Eco-Poshak Team

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