After the business idea is fully developed, you will pitch your idea among investors and if you win, you will get seed capital of NPR 2,00,000 to execute your business idea.


Early-stage entrepreneurs will receive one-to-one mentoring from established entrepreneurs and experts.


Helps to provide networking opportunities through the various events to support entrepreneurial teams inside and outside the country.


After the application selection, the qualifying teams of applicants will receive 10 weeks of the structured workshop to shape their business ideas.

About us

BIC Startups is an idea launchpad that nurtures ideas of young entrepreneurs with required input and support to explore commercial sustainability collaboratively. An initiative of Boston International College, it provides support to the entrepreneurial talents of Chitwan district along with the students of Boston International College. It also conducts different entrepreneurial activities and avails the potential entrepreneurs with the resources required like seed funding, mentoring, coaching, networking, and so on

BIC Startups has a collaborative agreement with its incubation partner Skill Lab and the ecosystem partner Chitwan Association of Industries. Through these collaborations, BIC Startups pools in all the necessary resources required by the startup entrepreneurs to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. It is extremely important to forge collaboration among all the ecosystem partners in order to create impact on the ecosystem level and therefore, we are open for collaborations on the areas of shared goals.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, have a business idea or proof of concept that solves an existing problem or fulfills a market need and also have intention to create sustainable change in the marketplace and society by converting that idea into a business venture, then you are welcome to apply for the incubation program at BIC Startups.

Incubation Journey?


Innovation Idea

Have an innovative idea? You can apply for the BIC Startups at Boston International College to explore your idea further and gain additional support.


Get Incubated

Your application will be reviewed and once selected you will be enrolled in the 10 Weeks of structured Incubation Curriculum to develop a business/revenue model.



We connect you with the mentors who will guide you develop a prototype and to convert your business model into a sustainable entrepreneurial venture.


Build the Product/Service

You can develop a product or service at this stage which will solve a market problem.


Get Seed Capital

After the business idea is fully developed, you will pitch your idea among investors and if you win, you will get seed capital of NPR 2,00,000 to execute your business idea.


Start and Execute

You can start the operation of your business with the seedfund. We will continuously support you with consulting, networking and additional investment opportunities.

Our Collaboration Partners

We have collaborated with different organizations to provide various training and funding services to our students or incubatees.

4 Year of Establishment
16 Ventures

We envision creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bharatpur Metropolitan City.


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Apply for Incubation Program

Apply for ‘उद्यमी विकास कार्यक्रम’ (incubation program) in Collaboration with the Chitwan Association of Industries.


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