Aarshi is an event management company that combines organizational skills and experience to provide expert services in organizing birthdays and weddings. It specializes in providing balloon styling, theme party planning, and decoration of engagements, weddings, and birthdays. The offerings of Aarshi are: Birthday Package, Wedding Package, and Surprises. Aarshi is co-founded by three entrepreneurs: Ms. Roja Subedi, Ms. Smriti Bishwokarma, and Ms. Anita Tamang.

Instagram Page : https://www.instagram.com/aarshi_events/

Email : [email protected]

Cofounders Team

Cofounders’ Team: Ms Anita Tamang (Left), Ms. Roja Subedi (Middle) and Ms. Smriti Biswokarma (Right)

DEMO Day Highlights

Aarshi Team during Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Demonstration
Roja Subedi presenting her Venture
Ms Smriti Biswokarma receiving the Certificate of Appreciation

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