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Finantellect InvestmentFinantellect Investment Pvt. Ltd. is an Investment company registered under Company Act 2063. It advocates personal financial education by educating and counseling youths about financial literacy and wealth management with the help of research-driven money management and long term investment skills through the help of various courses and seminars.

A personal finance research and investment firm, Finantellect is committed to making money with professional financial management and investment. With a team of experts in stock investment and trading, Finantellect is managing a portfolio of 35 lakhs raised from its 25 shareholders. The founding members are: Aashish Bhusal, Sugam Aryal, Sanjog Pathak, Niraj Aryal, Manish Kandel, Sheela Neupane, and Santosh Acharya.

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Finantellect Investment Team
AGM of Finantellect Investment P. Ltd.
Testimonial from Cofounder Mr. Niraj Aryal

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