Ananda Bahadur Chand

Chairperson, BIC

Voice of Chairperson

Dear Potential Entrepreneurs,

We envision the incubation center as one of the major attractions of business school. Therefore, we have established BIC Startups in Boston International College to enable our students to practically create startups, enhance their entrepreneurial abilities and generate employment. Our focus will be on building the human and knowledge capital. The world is moving towards knowledge based economy and digitalization where intangible assets like intellectual properties will dominate worlds’ wealth in the near future.

The concept of entrepreneurship is ever evolving with the wide-ranging transformation brought about by technological developments. Therefore, we need an institution that can champion these evolving practices, innovative concepts and take ownership in leading the societal changes in the sector of startup creation and entrepreneurship. BIC Startups, in this backdrop, will make these new concepts mainstream and drive entrepreneurial development in the city level in Chitwan.

We will expand your reach and amplify your impact through events and programs that will provide you with ample networking opportunities. We have collaborated with Skill Lab and Chitwan Association of Industries. We work closely with these collaboration partners to maximize the impact of our incubation efforts and to help you gain any kind of support you require including, finding investors for your business idea. We are eager to walk this journey together with you and explore untapped entrepreneurial opportunities.