Sarwottam Mushrooms

Sarwottam MushroomsWith a vision to supply fresh mushrooms to the locality of Bharatpur on a sustainable basis, Sarwottam Mushroom Farm is committed to deliver what it promises. This venture has already been in operation for 1 year and it looks forward to scaling its business model to grow and expand into a corporate business.

Sarwottam advocates on the health benefits of mushrooms and is looking to disrupt the current value chain of the mushroom supply with its organically grown mushrooms. The Co-Founder of this venture is Mr. Sayal Pandey and Mr. Saksham Shrestha where Mr. Saksham has now parted with the venture. 

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Sarwottam Mushroom Team during the Training Phase

Sarwottam Mushroom Team awarded Seed Fund Winner
Sarwottam Mushroom Team awarded Seed Fund Winner
Seed Fund Winner’s Cheque
Cofounder Sayal Pandey receiving the Certificate of Completion

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