Felicitation to Student Entrepreneurs – Anjila and Abhishek

Boston International College (BIC) and BIC Startups extend hearty congratulations to Ms. Anjila Tamang and Mr. Abhishek Biswokarma for starting a new business venture, marking a significant milestone in their entrepreneurial journeys. Both students have recently completed their bachelor’s degree.

NG Fitness Club – Empowering Wellbeing

Ms. Anjila Tamang has launched “NG Fitness Club” – a business that promotes physical fitness and overall well-being. Anjila’s remarkable transition from being a student to becoming an entrepreneur serves as a shining example of dedication and tireless effort. The college acknowledged her outstanding accomplishment by presenting her with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation,’ on August 20, 2023 recognizing her transformation into an inspirational figure for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Founder Anjila Tamang with BIC Team
Anjila Tamang with BIC Team and Customers after the Felicitation Program

Food Station – Delighting the Taste Buds with Fast Foods

Abhishek Biswokarma, an energetic student entrepreneur, has established ‘Food Station,’ a lively fast-food eatery in Bharatpur – 10, Hakim Chowk. Through this outlet, Abhishek aims to delight the customers with superior taste and quality of the food served. The BIC community takes great pride in his initiative and has honored him with a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ on August 21, 2023 as a recognition of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Executive Director Mr. Raj Kumar Tamang felicitating the founder Mr. Abhishek Bishwokarma
Founder Abhishek with BIC Team amid the Felicitation Program

BIC Startups wishes both student entrepreneurs a huge success in their endeavours.

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