Sarwottam Mushrooms

With a vision to supply fresh mushrooms to the locality of Bharatpur on a sustainable basis, Sarwottam Mushroom Farm, is committed to deliver what it promises. This venture has already started its operation by producing the first batch of fresh mushrooms and took them to the market. Now, this venture looks forward to scaling its business model to grow and expand into a corporate business.

Sarwottam advocates on the health benefits of mushrooms and is looking to disrupt the current value chain of the mushroom supply.

Sarwottam Mushrooms

Product/ Services

  • Organically grown mushrooms

Team Profile

Saksham Shrestha



  • Graduating in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture by December 2021

Sayal Pandey


  • Graduating in Bachelor of Business Administration by December 2021 

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We are collaborating with Boston International College to jointly work in the areas of entrepreneurship, employment and fostering entrepreneurial culture in Chitwan district. The twenty-first century is all about achieving economic prosperity and Chitwan Association of Industries is actively working on this front by strongly advocating for the welfare of industries and business enterprises. World’s economic landscape is changing faster than ever and the economic hub is shifting towards Asia with the emergence of economic powerhouses like China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Nepal is poised to take advantage of this emerging opportunity being at the center of two rising economies.

Industry and academia collaboration is instrumental to navigate this changing economic landscape. Academia and industry both have gone into trouble working in silos, because graduates are unable to secure employment and industries are struggling to find skilled employees vital for the operation and growth of the organization. We cowork on the areas of shared goals through Rojgar Bank – a portal that connects employees and employers, loan facilitation to BIC Startups’ incubatees from CAI’s cooperative, mentoring, seed-funding and investing in high potential ventures that originate from Boston International College (BIC Startups), collaborative research, job creation, internships, and field visit to the industries by students of Boston International College.

Raju Poudel
President of Collaboration Partner CAI

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