BIC Startups is a space for coworking and collaborating on startup ventures where potential entrepreneurs come and work together. Therefore, BIC Startups is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and work towards your goals.

While many entrepreneurs have been able to achieve entrepreneurial success without the support of incubators like BIC Startups, coming to the incubation centre is a great way to work on your entrepreneurial ideas. It is tantamount to going to the gym house for fitness training even if you can workout at your own home. A gym house is a place where everyone has gathered for a shared goal of physical fitness, and it is a great way to keep motivated, network and learn from each others’ knowledge and experience. By the same token, BIC Startups is a great place to connect and exchange ideas, knowledge, skills and experience to keep yourself motivated on your entrepreneurial journey. This helps you grow and become successful faster and you may even find your first client within your fellow incubatees.

BIC Startups connects entrepreneurs with mentors for mentoring, business advisory services and guidance. Mentors are established entrepreneurs and experts in their particular field. Networking with them, and accessing their invaluable expertise will tremendously benefit the incubatees. 

BIC Startups conducts training and workshops for entrepreneurs and in the meantime, brings in experts and successful entrepreneurs to share their stories. This is a great time to network with successful entrepreneurs and experts. Your connection at this stage may help you later in your entrepreneurial journey for mentoring, receiving advice, or selling your products or services in your early stage.

BIC Startups takes its incubatees through a journey of workshops, training, mentoring and pitching. During the pitching stage – known as the DEMO Day – it invites industrialists, entrepreneurs, working professionals, academicians, and venture capitalists all of whom can be the potential investors for the incubatees of the BIC Startups. Joining the incubation program at BIC Startups is a great way to get access to that valuable network.