Problem Solving And Growth Mindset

Mona Aditya
Alumni Affairs Manager,
Teach for Nepal
The fifth talk session on entrepreneurship was conducted on April 14. The topic for this session was ‘Problem Solving and Growth Mindset’. Ms. Mona Aditya, an Alumni Affairs Manager with Teach for Nepal, was the guest speaker of the session. The session was held virtually over the ZOOM Software from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The total number of participants in the program were about 40.

The session started with a short presentation from Ms. Aditya. She started the presentation by asking the opinion on the differences between knowledge, skills, and mindsets to participants. She presented the example of a glass half-full used to demonstrate different mindsets of people. Then she talked about the differences between fixed and growth mindsets. Major talking points were that growth mindset people work on improving themselves, are open to feedback, can challenge the status quo as well as sees inspiration and opportunity in others’ success. However people with a fixed mindset are feedback resistant, justifies the status quo and shy away from others success.

She inspired everyone that limiting yourself to a comfort zone makes us dull and inactive. She showed an example of one student how having a growth mindset can help us achieve success in life. At-last she suggested everyone not to limit yourself in this lockdown instead use your time for online opportunities.

The discussion mostly was focused on the below-shared thoughts:

How to remove insecurities regarding others’ success and improve yourself?
How to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset as well as how to enforce growth mindset in organizations where cultural bias affects our mindset?
Overall the session was good and explored key concepts required for problem-solving and improving your mindset. The participants even shared their thoughts on how they shifted from fixed mindset to growth mindset.

By Niraj Aryal & Sumina Pradhan
Niraj is the Program Associate of Skill Lab and a BBA 7th Semester student at Boston International College. Sumina is the Program Assistant at BIC Startups and an MBA 3rd Trimester at Boston International College.

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