MoUs for Nurturing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

MoU with NYEF

Boston International College (BIC) and Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF) Chitwan Chapter have signed an MoU on Oct 3, 2023 to nurture the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chitwan district. FCA Nishan Poudel, the Second Vice President, and Mr. Dilip Poudel, the Startup Chair and Executive Member signed the MoU on behalf of NYEF Chitwan Chapter. Similarly, Mr. Puspa Raj Adhikari, the Associate Director of BIC, and Mr. Prem Gaire, the Head of BIC Startups signed the MoU on behalf of Boston International College. Through this mutual collaboration, we are eager to work cooperatively in building, nurturing and advancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Chitwan district. We believe that this collaboration will be instrumental in creating a greater impact in terms of startup creation, entrepreneurship promotion, and connecting entrepreneurs with investors and mentors for the benefit of the startup community of Chitwan.

Exchange of the MoU Documents amid the MoU Signing Ceremony

MoU with StartUp Legal

BIC has signed an MoU with Startup Legal on Sep 25, 2023. The MoU was signed virtually with the Indian company based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. As per the MoU, BIC Startups will receive legal support for its startup entrepreneurs in the form of mentoring as well as virtual sessions. Similarly, BIC Startups will create value for Startup Legal in terms of visibility and incorporating participants from Startup Legal while conducting mutually beneficial events and programs.

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