How To Leverage The Current Corona Times For Entrepreneurship And What Lesson Can We Learn For The Future

Speaker: Thryza Dow

CEO, BlincVenture

BIC Startups and Skill Lab initiated the session by having Ms. Thryza Dow, CEO of BlincVenture to share her insights and learnings. The session was conducted over a zoom meeting hosted by Prem Gaire, Head of BIC Startups. The session started on time at 4:00 PM and had a peak of 75 participants.

Ms. Dow spoke on the effects of COVID-19 on the current business environment and how businesses can tackle problems like sustainability and working from home. Her suggestions included focusing on the wellbeing of the employees and equipping them with protectives if they have to venture outside for the job. She spoke on how to maintain the customers’ trust: by communicating with them and maintaining close relationships. She mentioned that this was not the time to be aggressively marketing or spending on high-risk projects. Rather a wait and see approach must be adopted with the continuation of works that can be done remotely.


The discussion mostly was focussed on the below shared queries: 

  • Employee safety and the sustainability of the business. 
  • How to make sales and marketing do work from home? 
  • Businesses roles in the distribution of foods and medicine. 
  • Collection of information about social structure by the government and how businesses can assist in it. 
  • Faculty and colleges’ roles in the current crisis to help their students. 

Few majors learnings from the discussions as a feedback for future sessions:

  • Vague and farfetched questions to properly address or to accurately predict for the speaker as we had a foreign speaker.
  • Despite a huge number of participants, meaningful interaction could not happen due to badly worded questions and repeating themes. 
  • The topics set forth were discussed but repetitive questions hindered the discourse. 

Despite this the feedback from the participants was very positive and highly appreciative. The current corona time presented an opportunity to be more technology oriented, show care and affection towards employees, adopt standard operating procedures and so on. In summary, the advice to businesses was to refrain from aggressive marketing of their products. 
– By Niraj Aryal, Program Associate, Skill Lab  

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